Team Brückenbauer

Brückenbauer`s overall goal in the world of football is to connect clubs, people and companies for a common benefit. We build bridges in areas where bridges did not exist before!

In projects with clear goals and performance tracking - Brückenbauer experts serve clubs to apply best practices in specific club areas. Brückenbauer`s goal is to bring clubs onto the next level in the specific field so they can use their full (business) potential. 

Furthermore, Brückenbauer is bringing clubs and knowledge from different continents together. 

The focus lies on South America and Europe. This - of course - is also reflected in the setup of the team. The teams is selected to serve the specific client`s need in that very situation. Brückenbauer`s teams consists of several experienced internationals who are experts in their field and add great value to the team. Our clients then profit from the different business approaches and experiences as well as from having a native speaker in the team explaining everything in detail.

Below you find out core team - it is however enhanced by specific industry experts when necessary: for instance with the lawyers of our trust. We also work together with former football players and coaches.

Carsten "Stan" Haßdenteufel

Managing Director

As a former project manager for banks Stan knows project management for clients with the highest demands from inside out.

Laura Mato 

Secretary, Frankfurt, Germany

Laura studied industrial engineering and speaks several languages fluently: German, English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Giovanni Serra

Consultant Frankfurt, Germany / Napoli, Italy

Giovanni has great experience in various work fields and is our allrounder. This includes fluent Italian and German.

Alejandro Bubico

Consultant & Sales Expert, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alejandro is a very warm and kind character. On top of this he always knows what his clients need in the very moment and just provides it without any hesitation.

Mathias Maurente Torres

Consultant & Creative Designer, Montevideo Uruguay

Project Runner, Promoter of Players, Photo & Video Design, Webdesign, IT Guru

Ariel Devoli

Creative Director: Website, Marketing, Creative Design, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Promotion of Players, Video Creation, Webdesign

Guillermo Thompson Clavell 

Sales Expert, Entrepreneur and Creative Director: Social Media, Branding, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Next to his great methodological and IT skills Guillermo speaks Spanish and Portuguese and is an expert in project management.

Javier Dellepiane

Lawyer, Football Coach

Javier Dellepiani focusses on contract and real estate law. Next to this, football is his passion. After playing for first league clubs in his youth he followed with focussing on coaching.

Juan Guillermo Castillo

Former Uruguayan International and Football Coach, Montevideo, Uruguay

Juan is supporting us with his great football knowledge and experience - especially but not only in Uruguay.

Business Principles

1) Responsibility, Professionalism and Transparency in Working

Brückenbauer always aims to create a tangible added value for our clients. We are not satisfied with mediocrity. We do not look at the watch when working but dedicate us on our results.
Every client is extremely important to us and can rely on our confidentiality. We measure the results of our work. Transparency means honesty and also "responsible work".
This also means that we can make many things possible but not everything. It is important to us to explain to our clients what can be reached and which expectations are not realistic.

2) Courage for new Ideas and Solutions

Brückenbauer also targets difficult goals in football and is ready to conquer new areas for our clients. Our clients benefit from the broad consulting and business knowledge and experience of our experts. Our diverse teams do not step away from difficult challenges. Only with this mentality we fathom new areas for our clients and create a noticeable added value.

3) Promise of Success 

Success is what drives us. Brückenbauer only benefits in the case of our client`s success. No success, no commision. Our client`s and Brückenbauer`s goals are aligned  

4) Respect & Sharing

Never underestimate anyone. This is one of the best advices our parents can give us. We value every input and respect other opinions and believes. We strongly believe that the best way to have and celebrate success is to have other people working and participating in the success. "Together we grow". And "football" can indeed serve to unit the world.
That is why Brückenbauer donates 10% of its profits to charity. We share - especially with those who don't have so much at the moment and we support environmental projects that can make a lasting difference.