Club Cooperations

Trough its football network Brückenbauer offers clubs opportunities to work together and build cooperations to achieve common benefits. The various options and details are discussed in common meetings.

Sport Events

Brückenbauer creates and organizes sport events and develops international competitions for clubs and national teams. 


Brückenbauer elaborates options and common benefits between sponsors and teams and connects.

Supporters, Club Marketing & Fan Shop

"No club without supporters" - this slogan clearly describes the imporantance of the relationship between supporters and club.

Brückenbauer knows how to strengthen this relationship and how to gain new supporters. Furthermore, Brückenbauer can assist in the digital age to modernize fan shops and knows how to apply best practices to achieve greater turnovers. 

Player Transfers

Through its network Brückenbauer knows and is in communication with various clubs and players. Knowing about their wishes and demands Brückenbauer can create chances for clubs and players as a neutral intermediary.

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Carsten "Stan" Haßdenteufel

Managing Director

„Every great plan starts with good conversations - please do not hesitate to get in touch."

Laura Mato 

Secretary & Communication

„Laura will answer your request in several languages if necessary - from Spanish and Portuguese up to German and English."